Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus 1 April 2018

From Wendy Robertson Fyfe, Creator of Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus…

You are invited to participate in creating a wave of human song around the Earth at Dawn on Sunday 1 April  for Earth and Earth Community. This event is a ‘give-away’: to feed, praise, give gratitude and celebrate this magnificent planet. The intention is that wherever we are in Earth to be present to Dawn and sing to that place; whilst there is a place for silence we want the Earth, animals, trees, birds, insects, flowers, wind, mountains, oceans and all to know we want to hear their songs and for our song to be singing with them. We might also wonder what each of our notes are as part of that song and what the song of humanity is at this time of ‘The Great Turning’. You may also want to listen, to see if there is a response from Earth around you. What if Earth is dying in longing for our voices and what if , what if singing our Earthnote in the Cosmic Composition will make a difference …..

This event has already spread to New Zealand, Australia, India, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Brazil. See and facebook page for further information, resources and offerings. You are invited to send in ideas, experiences and sharings to facebook Earthsongwave Dawn Chorus 2018 Page and Group. The facebook page has already reached 2,421 people around Earth. Share widely if this different kind of news sings to you.

Blessings, blessings, blessings,

Wendy Robertson Fyfe


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