Well Spring of Life – guest blog post from Bridget Kruger

Bridget was successful in obtaining a scholarship place for the upcoming Training in Human Development: The Soulcentric Wheel with Bill Plotkin 3 – 7 November*

My first sip from the well spring of life

Bridget Kruger

Sheep, humans, elephants, ants. Each of us alters the world in our passage. When we build hives or nests, mud huts or concrete towers, we rescuplt the contours of the planet. When we eat, we convert living matter into waste. And when we walk we create trails. The question we must ask ourselves is not whether we should shape the earth but how. Robert Moor

I was a wanderer, I have been a wanderer for many years. Exploring this magical planet in search of something more, something greater, a more intimately connected way of being. I have lived, travelled and worked on every continent. I’ve ridden horses across Mongolia with wild horsemen, trekked across deserts with shaman, immersed myself in remote villages of Africa, skied across melting ice caps and made friends with polar bears and penguins. My life for many years was like Aurora, dancing her merry tune across the sky’s, brightly spinning and weaving her magic. I floated through life in a different way to many, reaching to the stars and stretching to the far corners of the globe in search of infinite wonder and connection.

I knew my spirit did not belong in the confines of a concrete jungle nor that of a regimented lifestyle. Instead I found my passion outside, in nature with the freedom to be my authentic self. I was lucky enough to love my work, facilitating wilderness journeys and rites of passage programs with youth. I loved connecting them to their wild and raw selves, and to their infinite potential. Helping teenagers discover their unique gifts that they had been given and then in turn how they could contribute back to society was incredibly fulfilling. But I still felt like there was something greater that I was called to do, a bigger way to connect individuals to the natural world.

I wandered some more and during this time I poured through books. I was drinking in the words of Bill Plotkin. I recognised that human kind as a whole were in a state of adolescence, unable to understand that they were part of a greater community. Most were existing in this self-involved state not yet to see what they could gift the rest of the community; protection, care and nurturing. I wondered what would it be like to live in a world where people were deeply connected to their raw authentic self. A world where freedom travelled like whispers on the wind, giving people the chance to strip away anything that kept them from being their unique self. If only we could live within a deep covenanted union with nature and appreciate what it is like to be in touch with our wild primal selves again; life could be a much more magical journey.

Years later I found myself in the Mexican jungle. I lay breathing deeply into my womb, the source of my magic. Feeling and sinking into my power as I breathed in and out. Funny I thought that one of life’s greatest jokes was that our infinite power and healer of all was simply within us all along. Breath. The thing that connects us to all living beings. As my breaths deepened visions engulfed me like an evanescent mist. A sense of grieving flooded through me emerging in pain and sadness. Tears streaked my cheeks as I gave birth to what seemed like a dead foetus. Shocked, I looked down upon it and slowly it began to stir. It had woken from it’s state of stillness and was gently rising upwards, steadily growing taller and taller. Still covered in its bloody veil of placenta, I asked it to reveal itself. It slowly shed its no longer necessary shroud and unveiled this glorious goddess of a creature. It was part woman, part peacock. I realised that she was a version of myself. Standing there in all her glory, deliciously curvaceous with a strong warrioress body and a beautiful tail full of feathers. Gold emanated from her, making her glow and her tail feathers sparkle. The vision of this peacock embodiment of me, shook her tail feathers while dancing and swivelling her hips. As she did so her feathers coloured the world like paint dripping on fresh canvas. ‘Colour the world’ she whispered, ‘Colour the world!’ We stood staring at each other, mesmerised. She sprouted more feathers upon her crown and we merged as one. I opened my eyes to fresh new scene. I stood surrounded by mystical rainforest, light flickering between the trees. My body was covered in designs painted on me. In front of me a tall avatar like priestess, with matching tribal paint, reached out her hand to press gently into my third eye. As she pressed inwards blinding light erupted out of it setting the forest ablaze. Bright flames burnt all around us bringing the trees into clearer light. I realised they weren’t actually trees as their limbs transformed into those of an avatar. Suddenly we were encircled by a covenant of women that we had brought to life with the fire. They stepped towards me chanting ‘you are a fire goddess, your heart is your resource with the fire and love of a thousand suns, you are a fire goddess’. Their words washed over me and I sunk back into reality knowing I would never have to burn my life down to the ground like a phoenix again. Instead I needed to paint the world with my colour and ignite love and fire within the souls of others.

In Mexico I had taken my first sip from the wellspring of life. It quenched my deep thirst for connecting with my higher purpose. I was inspired beyond all other experiences to live consciously, to possess the courage to look deep within, beyond the many masks we wear each day and accept both shadow and light. Learning how to facilitate this deep transformation for others under the guide of Bill Plotkin is the opportunity of a life time. I know that I can help heal others and their relationship with nature by teaching them how to be unapologetically their most authentic, wild, spiritual, sexual, primal and alive self. My life work to assist others on soul journeys and transcendence will be greatly enhanced with this program. I am beyond excited to help unleash peoples bold and potent beings. Teaching them that they possess the beauty and the power of the universe, that they belong to a tribe, that they can dance naked in the oceans, yell to the heavens, and ultimately inspire them to protect and love the nature around them.

*Training in Human Development is currently fully booked with a waiting list. There are still spots for Writing the Wild Soul, Deep Imagination Intensive and the Advanced Soulcraft Intensive – Carin, Soulcraft Australia producer.

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