the song already is – guest blog post from Sophie Nyssen

From scholarship recipient Sophie Nyssen. Sophie is joining us this November for Deep Imagination, Soulcraft and the Reanimation of the World 11 – 15 Nov at the Bamarang Bush Retreat…

I simply need to open my ears, my mind and my heart to the unfolding magic and music that envelops me in every moment​…S​ophieNyssen

I was handed a copy of Bill Plotkin’s Soulcraft in class one day and after reading the first few pages felt a deep stirring in my soul and a sort of relief as if for the first time I finally had some sort of recognition and guideline to work with what was bubbling in my depths. More and more I am beginning to wake up, recognise and remember the mysteries of this world and in particular the magic, communion and guidance that can be encountered in nature.

I recall finishing a long day of work and feeling exhausted and fed up with people and the world. I was riding my bicycle home in a huff without much awareness, mainly stuck in my head feeling very wound up and sorry for myself. As I was riding through a park I all of a sudden got a strong urge to stop and sit on the park bench. Slowly my mind began to turn outward and open up to the happenings of the park. I was soon encapsulated by the squabbles and chorus of dozens of lorikeet singing their evening song. I sat there for a long time and simply listened, I was deeply moved. Their song prompted me to think of my own song and my own struggle to find it, understand it and have the courage to sing it. Yet their song moved me in such a way that I realized the song already is, I do not need to seek it or desperately search for it, I simply need to open my ears, my mind and my heart to the unfolding magic and music that envelops me in every moment, the song is life itself so it can’t be wrong. I experienced a wave of relief and inspiration and rode home with joy in my heart and music in my ears.

This experience helped me understand my own relationship to my voice and sense of purpose. The lorikeets reminded me of the clarity of presence and the joy of singing. Their song enabled me to move beyond the surface of my busy mind and tune into a deeper conversation that was going on, a conversation that provided insight, clarity and vision.

It is instances like this that evoke a deeper meaning and respect for nature. I know that if I stop, listen and tune in there is always a conversation to be had.

In November I am hoping to step deeper into this relationship by attending a workshop run by Bill Plotkin and Geneen Marie Haugen called Deep Imagination, Soulcraft and the Reanimation of the World. There is a whole world waiting to be explored deep within my psyche in parallel with the dreaming of the Earth and I look forward to meeting myself there.

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