Some constant stream of consciousness – guest blog post by Ayme Doran

A blog post from Ayme Doran, scholarship recipient for the recent Training in Human Development – The Soulcentric Wheel with Bill Plotkin held at Karuna Sanctuary Retreat in November 2018.

Some constant stream of consciousness…

Venus be bold in brightness,

Told, us to mourn, let go of something old and torn,

Tried on the winged mask.
Take into mine, this seed of our love,
Seed of our time spent in rapturous divine.

Seek me out on the sea, her waves throwing me,

Cast a line to hook me in,
To dance, this dance, of Heaven and Earth,

When i see nothing but hearth,

Let this breath be of Heaven and Earth,

Of all the places in between,
Spaces to fill this emptiness I dwell within,

Pits of endless measure,

Not needing to severe these ties into nothingness,

For it serves to rise.
You, take flight into its abyss,
It speaks of truth, to true to miss,

Take some time down here within,

Cast a line and watch it sink,
Into ever forgotten spaces in time, In and out of this plane to the next,

Lets test it, out of solitude,

This is where it lays to rest.

This is where I lay to rest.

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