Testimonial – Advanced Soulcraft Intensive November 2018

Lately I am in conversation with tigers and snakes. Stirring bowls of tears. Breaking into ocean pools in the middle of the night to swim naked under the stars. The subtle difference between ‘doing your work’ and allowing the world to work on you that Bill, Geneen and Wendy returned to over and over during the Advanced Soulcraft Intensive has been like discovering a key that unlocks strange new secret and fearless places in me. For whatever comes – grief, anger, confusion, frustration, love, passion – my only simple yet immense and improbable task is to allow it to do its work on me. To change and shape me, to witness what emerges from that conversation between my being and the world. What a relief and strange magic to give up the illusion of control while living into this paradoxical question of what is my responsibility to this world to sustain this conversation, to see the ways that my being can and does shape the world around me in turn. Daily, I am discovering just how hard it is to truly choose to be alive to this world.

The five days at Bhundoo River with Bill, Geneen and Wendy left me with a tantalising mix of the mysterious unknown, some roughly drawn mud maps of the territory and strong contact with my own internal compass that cannot make out the entire journey at hand, but has a sincere and bodily knowing of the very next step if I am willing to listen. After a long journey of healing and wholing it has been invigorating to feel in myself a readiness and longing for dropping further into the process of dissolution that has been occurring in me for some years now, to find a trust in this process rather than to subtly resist it through ‘working on it’ or ‘working on myself’. There are no words to express my gratitude for the re-encounter with this internal compass that the Soulcraft work has facilitated for me. I am ever grateful for the skill and strangeness offered in equal measure by each of these soul guides. In a way, their greatest gift was simply to live as they are in their initiated wholeness to remind us of who we are and what is possible. 

Beth Hill, teacher, writer, facilitator

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