Testimonial – Deep Imagination Intensive November 2018

With deepest thanks to Cocoon Weaver, Dr Jas, Deer Heart and Carin…

I feel for the first in a long time that there is a place where I can be.  I belong.  

I found it in the beauties of a hillside in Nowra, led with very gentle kindness by honest guides.  I was born by this river 51 years ago, and have been led home again, to the earth that birthed me and has nourished me since.  I have felt so lost and alone in this world for many long years, because, I think, I wouldn’t believe what my heart has screamed for me to hear.  

I have found a peace, a way to go forward, have been led to understand the art of living.

I had read Bill’s books and loved them.  But it was these days, in the wilds, with these gentle people that gave me a gift I have longed for, without knowing to long for, my entire life. 

Life.  Earth.  My knowing of my life, my belonging, place, beauty, strength and love, granted and gifted by a mystery and becoming that I have loved, and lived within always … but never I think, understood or dared to believe.

I see that the earth lives, and shares her beauty with me, in me, through me.  I live, play, speak, sing, stretch and mould the world, in a great mystery of becoming … and I do this in pure belonging with the earth, the world, unconditionally and absolutely.  I see and I feel my place in it, my belonging and becoming.  

I have wept at ceremonies, songs, poetry and beauty without understanding why or how to stem the flow.  

Now I weep for the pure beauty of the earth and my capacity to behold it and to live it, to breathe her air, speak her songs, dance in her glory … for beauty that I have so long denied myself, in service to a veil I have laid over my heart, caught in a whirl of self-ness, scrounging for morsels of Western nourishment.  I saw the egocentricity of that path in those hills, I recognised its loneliness and brokenness … and I left it beside a rock, I gave it to the river – a burden too heavy for me to carry.  I sang it to sleep and I promised not to wake it. 

I begin to see myself, and begin to know the world … a profound gift for my lifetime, … the most spectacular, beautiful, wonderful gift for which my gratitude is eternal and unspeakable, being as wild, mysterious and beautiful as the world itself.  

Beth Britton, Deep Imagination Participant November 2018

River and tree welcome me in.

Kangaroo gumnut lizard blowfly raven black cockatoo kookaburra horse and sea eagle.  rock beetle bug wombat dreaming.

I see the world.  Friends and teachers sit with me.

I am the one who travels this land and walks with its beauty.  I feel myself into it and I dream with, in and because she calls me into life.  I rest in glades of flowers, I shelter in high nooks, swim in river, speak with her dreamings.

I nurture and release seeds of the earth.  I can stand in columns of fire and hold the sacred space of mountain.  I see from heights to the distant hills.

I bring this strength beside me.  I seek movement, life, play, I share, I speak, dance, sing, draw and mould the earth as I stretch, seek, love my land, my home, our mystery.


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