Testimonial – Deep Imagination Intensive November 2018

The week I spent in Deep Imagination with Bill and Geneen and new precious friends was something I will always hold close.  These wise and wonderful elder guides have dedicated themselves to the way with great humility and honesty and I am profoundly grateful for their gifts of showing me how it might be possible to live in wild communion.

During the timeless time of the experience I was the one who journeyed with feather and bone, scales, stones, bright sky and moonlit night. There were voices in caverns and deep long moments in wells of grief. Drumming circles left footprints inside that led to rocky outcrops that buzzed with life and hid inner secrets. Meetings occurred in light and dark between human and non-human, shapes of snake and wombat and kookaburra, and other less recognisable beings. Friends who travelled alongside had their own longings and loves, we were each alone and yet together. There was a great bonding with one another and a knowing of place and senses, yet an un-knowing, an allowing of mystery to wrap itself around and carry us to places not yet explored. Great trust and bravery was seen and welcomed. A stretching of boundaries and a deep dive into what it is to be alive and present to this wild, raw and precious world. We left with a reminder to ourselves about what is important and loved, and the whispered words echoing in our ears… “don’t go back to sleep…”

L. Cussel – Chinese Medicine Doctor

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