Testimonial – Training in Human Development November 2018

A belated posting of a testimonial from Training in Human Development: The Soulcentric Development Wheel 2018 guided by Bill Plotkin.

I came craving something more. To know more, but know it with my very being: to make my gut my mind’s equal, tune one to open the other.

I needed to learn something new, for and of myself… I needed to feel it: grit between my teeth, warm dry leaves beneath my cheek, sap in my veins. 

To feel it in my very cells so as to hone and tune that which I can offer to others. 

I entered hungry, uncertain

I was seen and held by the bush, by myself, by the dear and beautiful group, by Weaver’s words, thoughts, theories, his quiet still wisdom. 

We spiralled, labyrinthine, from talk-thought-words out into the hush-crunch-breath of the bush and back in again. I became as though hypnotised. Old things awoke, some to bloom, some to slope off. 

And then: we danced – how we danced. Sparks flew, tides turned, blood surged, skin was shed.

I came back down the mountain both buzzing and soothed. First steps had been taken and I welcomed the mystery of not knowing how or where I’d next find an opening to the deepening, but in no doubt that I would. 

Caroline D. Clinical Psychologist 

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