Our place in the family of things – Guiding principles for Soulcraft Australia & New Zealand

When we use the word “soul” it has a particular meaning
We understand soul to mean someone or something’s ultimate place or ecological niche* in the web of life and the family of things.
This niche expresses the unique combination of gifts, limitations and possibilities that each person, animal, plant, rock, ecosystem and geographic region contribute to the family of things. Thus we see the work of SANZ as existing within an interconnected web or relationships .*Bill Plotkin

Relationship to Mystery…
We acknowledge that the work of SANZ arises from mystery. We seek to be guided by mystery in our visioning and planning for our organisation. We dedicate our work, with gratitude and humility, to the exquisitely beautiful, profoundly powerful, ever evolving soul of the world.

Relationship to The Earth community…
Our work is dedicated to dispelling the illusion of separation from the natural world.
We wish to play a part in waking up humanity to this reality and to supporting as many as possible to develop the skill and ability to listen deeply to what the Earth needs and to actively envision and contribute to the creation of a “life sustaining civilization” (Joanna Macy).
We humble ourselves and introduce ourselves to the spirit of this ancient land in the knowledge that our indigenous people, the caretakers of this land, have experienced and continue to experience great suffering and injustice resulting from colonisation. Our work is a gesture toward walking alongside our First Nation Peoples, acknowledging the wrongs and respecting and honouring this land of vibrancy and fathomless wisdom.

Relationship to our Community…
We seek to gather and provide spaces and opportunities for healing and soul encounter for those who are called to deeper relationship with their own inner natures, through and in relationship with the wild and mysterious world.

Relationship to each other…

mutual respect and support
We think well of each other and build relationships that engender feelings of trust and wellbeing. Every person has a valuable contribution to make to the conversation.
We listen to and respond to one another from a place of respect.

heart listening

From a place of stillness and presence we listen to each other, receptive to hearing and seeing truth and soul expression – human, non human and earthly – seeking to be welcomed, embraced and to manifest.

We endeavour to set aside personal assumptions and biases, we empty ourselves of our own individual agenda and allow a place of openness for the work of SANZ to flow through.

compassion, healing and transformation

Our work is guided by being sensitively attuned to the experience of all beings, human and non-human. We support each other to heal sufficiently and to become adequate whole so as to be open to soul encounter and the transformative descent to soul where we may discover truth and purpose so as to participate fully in the restoration of our world to dynamic balance and vibrant health.

self awareness and self responsibility

We are strongly committed to the highest possible level of self knowledge, compassion, mutual respect, inspiration and creativity so as to avoid doing harm to others and to fulfil our mission of contributing to a better world.
We are individually committed to acting with self awareness and to taking responsibility for our behaviour and actions, including taking steps to remedy any misunderstandings or harm done to other people and beings, including and especially those in the natural world.

Relationship to serving together in the work…

protection from risk

Risk management is a living and dynamic part of the conversation and contributes to the sustainability and health of SANZ.

openness and transparency

SANZ conducts itself in a way that ensures openness, clear communication and accountability.


SANZ provides a service to the whole of community – human and the more than human world. Monies earned by SANZ are used to pursue the VMV and to ensure its business sustainability.