Registration help – policies and procedures


Policies and procedures

Please read before you register Consider carefully your decision to register in an Animas Valley Institute program. Your decision to register represents a commitment to yourself and to us. With over 20 years experience, we can tell you that it is common, even appropriate, for people to feel some fear and resistance before traveling deeply into the inner or outer wilderness, especially as the start date gets closer. During your preparation time, life may present significant obstacles (real as well as imagined, inner as well as outer) and it may seem impossible for you to proceed with the Animas program. These apparent obstacles arise quite commonly and we believe that they are an important part of the experience. We ask that you register only when you are truly committed to attending.

To register, fill out the ​Registration Form A​ND​ Confidential Health Questionnaire and Waiver (​find in the Register and Pay drop down menu) and return as soon as possible.

Register online

Go to Registration Form where you will find the online version. Complete and submit.
Go to Confidential Health Questionnaire and Waiver  – complete and submit.

Register by email
Go to Registration Form page and click on Download now.
Send your completed Registration Form and Confidential Health Questionnaire and Waiver as  attachments to:
David Emery or Carin Eisen

Register by post
Post your completed Registration Form and Confidential Health Questionnaire and Waiver to:
Carin Eisen
8 Union Road
Lilydale VIC 3140

Your registration is complete ONLY when we have received all of the following:
●  A deposit of 30% of your total program fee paid at the time of registration
●  Completed Registration Form.
●  Completed Confidential Health Questionnaire and Waiver.
●  If your program requires a ​Program Application (e.g.. Soulcentric Dreamwork),​ please go to the Program Applications page and find the relevant program application. Your application must be completed online, emailed or delivered (as above) and approved by the guides before your registration is complete.

Please Note:
Your 30% deposit is​ non refundable except in certain circumstances (See CANCELLATION below).
AVI/SCA ​reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason​. AVI/SCA also reserve the right to screen participants for compatibility with AVI/SCA programs. For the safety of all participants, we require that participants be in good physical, mental and emotional health. AVI/SCA programs can be physically and psychologically challenging. We reserve the right to refuse service based on our assessment of these or other criteria.
Programs are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage ​early registration​ to secure your place and to provide sufficient preparation time.

Deposit ​30% of the total program fee reserves your space in the program (non refundable except in certain circumstances. See CANCELLATION  below).

Payments can be made by one of three methods:
By Paypal: go to Register and Pay – Make a payment
By direct deposit: ​ For account details please email us at;
By cheque: ​Please make cheques out to: Carin L Eisen (Events) and send to 8 Union Road, Lilydale VIC 3140.

Final Payment ​Payment must be made in full four weeks prior to commencement of the program start date. You will be sent an email 2 weeks before​ the cut off date.
If payment is not received by the 4 week deadline, your ​place may be forfeited​ and offered to those on the waiting list.
When registering​ less than 4 weeks prior ​to the start date of a program​: ​Please pay your entire balance, either by Paypal, direct deposit or by cheque (See above).

Programs will be​ confirmed​ as going ahead when minimum registration has been reached. We aim to confirm programs at least 8 weeks prior to commencement date. You will be notified of program confirmation.
Once a program is confirmed, cancellation will result in your deposit being forfeited.
AVI/SCA is ​not responsible for travel arrangements​ made prior to a program being confirmed.

If a minimum number of people have not registered a program may be cancelled. In this event registered participants will be given a full refund.

IF YOU CANCEL YOUR REGISTRATION – refund and transfer of deposits

Where a program has not been confirmed
If notice of cancellation is received prior to a program being confirmed deposits may be refunded or transferred and applied to another program within a year.

Where a program has been confirmed
If you cancel your registration once a program has been confirmed your deposit will be forfeited. You may not transfer your deposit to another program.

If notice of cancellation is received at least 30 days before the start of a program (and the program has not been confirmed), all payment over and above the deposit will be refunded.

If notice of cancellation is received within 7 days of program commencement, all payment is forfeited.

If a participant cancels their registration and the program is subsequently cancelled by AVI/SCA, a full refund will be made.

Note: Where a participant cancels and a refund is made there will be a $75.00 administration fee (unless it is waived for compassionate reasons).

Refunds of deposits and other payments will be made via Paypal or an account nominated by you.
All refunds will be minus any fees and charges incurred in making the payment (eg. Paypal and/or bank fees).


A limited number of partial scholarships are available for those who would otherwise be unable to participate. Priority will be given to those who are students or unemployed.
Please submit a ​brief written application (​approx. 250 words) outlining:
How you believe you would gain from participating in the program of your choice.
How it relates to your current direction and practice.
In exchange for your scholarship place, we will ask you to support the work of the Animas Valley Institute and Soulcraft Australia by contributing your ideas and skills eg. promotion, writing, research, event coordination. We encourage you to reflect on what you would like to offer.
You will also be asked to help with marketing and publicity by providing a testimonial at the end of your program/s and by circulating program information and updates through your existing networks. Please consider whether you are willing to do both of these things.
Please complete the Scholarship Application  form and submit. Applicants will be advised whether they have secured a place a minimum of four weeks​ before commencement of the relevant program.

Note: ​AVI/SCA requests that you​ abstain from recreational drugs and alcohol d​uring the course of your Animas program, thereby supporting your full presence to both the nuances of your soul’s unfolding and to the co- creation of our group field.

Your registration is complete when:

  1. A deposit fee is paid, as specified on Registration Form.
  2. Registration Form and Confidential Health Questionnaire and Waiver completed and returned.
  3. Program Application (if applicable) is approved by the guides of the program.
  4. Scholarship Application (if applicable) received and approved by guides.
  5. You receive an email stating your registration and payment have been successfully processed.

Note: Final acceptance is dependant on receipt and review of your Confidential health questionnaire and Waiver.

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS UNTIL THE PROGRAM HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. P​rograms will be confirmed when minimum registration has been reached. We will endeavour to confirm programs at least 6 weeks prior to start date. You will be notified when this occurs. AVI/SCA is not responsible for travel arrangements made before a program is confirmed.

*AVI/SCA These programs are being produced by David Emery and Carin Eisen on behalf of the Animas Valley Institute (AVI), under the banner of Soulcraft Australia (SCA). Registrations (including Health Questionnaires and Program Applications) are being processed and determined by the Australian producers, except where input is sought from the AVI guides. All payments are handled independently of AVI and separate from the producers’ personal finances.

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